nice «nys», adjective, nic|er, nic|est, adverb.
1. that is good or pleasing; agreeable; satisfactory: »

a nice face, a nice child, a nice ride, a nice day.

SYNONYM(S): gratifying, enjoyable.
2. thoughtful and kind: »

They were nice to us.

3. very fine; minute; subtle: »

a nice distinction, a nice shade of meaning.

4. precise; exact; making very fine distinctions: »

a nice ear for music, weighed in the nicest scales.

SYNONYM(S): accurate.
5. delicately skillful; requiring care, skill, or tact: »

a nice problem. It's a nice point to speak about…and I'm afraid o' being wrong (George Eliot).

6. particular; hard to please; fastidious; dainty: »

nice in one's habits or dress.

SYNONYM(S): exacting, delicate.
7. refined; cultured: »

a nice accent.

8. proper; suitable: »

nice clothes for a party. It wasn't a nice song—for a parlor, anyway (Mark Twain).

SYNONYM(S): fitting, seemly.
9. demanding a high standard of conduct; scrupulous: »

too nice for a politician.

10. Archaic. affectedly modest; coyly reserved: »

We'll not be nice: take hands Shakespeare).

11. Obsolete. wanton; lascivious.
12. Obsolete. foolish; stupid.
Archaic. nicely.
[Middle English nice simple-minded < Old French, silly < Latin nescius ignorant < ne- not + scīre know]
nice´ly, adverb.
nice´ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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